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DvokutPro d.o.o. Energy and Environment

Dvokut is the developer of projects with renewable sources and various other projects ranging from large wind farms to centralized cogeneration heating systems and hydropower stations.
Prepared for any challenge, we vouch profitability and sustainability of such projects with our own investments.


Why choose us?

We Don’t Miss Deadlines
We respect your time and we don’t miss deadlines
All our services are licensed and service quality is guaranteed
Free Advice
We advise our partners and recommend the best solutions
Fast and Reliable
We offer an ideal ratio of fast service and the reliability that comes with our name
25 years of business experience is the best guarantee of quality

Social Engagement

Socially responsible business is our voluntary contribution to a better society, environmental preservation and a synergy of all factors that may contribute to an improved and more innovative setting.

Every year, without exception, DVOKUT sets aside funds for such activities, always trying to take into consideration all groups that have specific needs.

Let’s create new values together!

International consulting firms have recognized DVOKUT as a local partner for participating in projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina initiated by EU funds and other sources of financing. DVOKUT cooperates with consulting firms from the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, the United Kingdom... We participate in international projects financed by a number of international organizations (EBRD, World Bank, UNDP...).

To advance its business practices, increase efficacy and raise the level of services, in 2009 DVOKUT introduced certified quality and environment management systems ISO 9001:2008. Service quality assurance measures are applied in accordance with the Quality Policy.

Our energy is creating a comfortable environment for living and working
For 25 years now

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Certificates and Awards

With aim of business improvement, efficiency development and raise of service quallity, DVOKUT brings certificated systems of quality and environment management ISO 9001:2008. Security measures of service quality are carried out in order with Quality Policy.
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