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Dvokut is the developer of projects with renewable sources and various other projects ranging from large wind farms to centralized cogeneration heating systems and hydropower stations.
Prepared for any challenge, we vouch profitability and sustainability of such projects with our own investments.
Given the attractive tariffs for specific renewable sources in the region, we develop projects and make investments throughout the Adria region. We have also accumulated experience with the projects we developed in Asia, as well as other parts of Europe.

First and foremost, Dvokut is a partner for investors who wish to:
• Achieve more
• Ensure profit
• Create better future for themselves and their local communities
What we can do for you:
• Idea
• Location
• Project design
• Consulting regarding selection of equipment, location purchase, obtaining ALL permits
• Choice of technology
• Concept, main and detailed designs
• Construction and supervision
• Exploitation permit
• Commissioning
Facilities already built or in the construction phase:
• Cogeneration biomass plant
• Solar power stations
• Heating for public, industrial, commercial and private facilities
• Thermal and electrical energy services
• Wind farm
• Hydropower plant
• Geothermal heating

Biomass and Bioenergy

  • Dvokut analyzes all available technologies and monitors technological advancement daily, primarily in the field of biomass and biofuel cogeneration.

  • In our own projects for cogeneration of thermal and electrical energy we rely on the steam cycle technology, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycles) and biomass gasification.

  • We have developed a small plant model for biogas production with capacities ranging from 5 kWel up to 200 kWel adapted to the purposes of small and medium farms and based on a rather attractive techno-economic model.

Thermal energy

Regardless of our primary energy sources, we will have to be rational in the future and exploit energy with zero material consumption...

Electrical energy

Sale of electrical energy from renewable sources
Small hydro
Solar power stations

Energy efficiency

The key to industrial energy efficiency is in defined policy goals such as energy management standards, raising awareness of the risk-free benefits of energy efficiency for industry.


Energy certification

Detailed energy audits and energy certification for residential and non-residential buildings